1. The players of the tournament, maximum 20 per team, must have a valid player license. The deadline is the January 1st, 2005. Players, who were born before this date will be banned from the tournament.
  2. The player licenses and a list of names in a score sheet must be handed to the tournament organizers before the start of the first game.
  3. 16 players can play in every game.
  4. Substitutions are allowed during interruptions of the game, whereas the substituted player has to leave the field first. It is enough to inform the referee.
  5. If a player is sent off the pitch, he is suspended for the following game. In case of severe irregularities, the tournament committee decides on further bans for the affected player.
  6. In the "Preliminary Round" there are four groups with four teams in each group. Every team will play one game against every other group member.
  7. Following the "Preliminary Round", the teams are going to be rearranged into four „Intermediate Round" groups. The winner and the runner-up of each “Preliminary Round” group either move to Group I or Group II, the teams placed 3rd and 4th go in Group III or IV. Each team will play one game against every other group member. 3rd and 4th placed teams of the “Intermediate Round” groups I and II play the “Final Games” for the ranks 5-9, the members of the groups III and IV for the ranks 9-16, depending on how they performed during the “Intermediate Round”. These games will be played right after the “Intermediate Round” has finished.
  8. Winner and runner-up of the “Intermediate Round” groups I and II will play the semi-finals to determine the teams that take part in the final. The two winners of the semis move on to the final, the defeated teams are going to a third place playoff.
  9. It will be played after the “3-points-for-a-win” rule, i.e. the winning team will gain 3 points, a draw will bring in 1 point for every team. If there are tied teams after the "Preliminary Round" or the "Intermediate Round" the goal difference will decide the issue, whereas a 3:2 is better than a 2:1. If two teams have the same amount of points and the same goal difference, the decision depends on the head-to-head comparison. If this comparison concludes a draw, it comes to a penalty shootout. A penalty shootout will also occur at once, if two teams reach a draw after the playing time in the "Final Games". For every penalty shootout, the teams have to nominate three players each.
  10. The playing time of the "Preliminary Round" and the "Intermediate Round" will be 1 x 25 minutes. The "Final Games" for the ranks 9 to 16 will take 1 x 20 minutes, the ones for the ranks 1 to 8 (incl. the semis and the final match) will be for played 2 x 15 minutes. The tournament organizers will take the whistle for the start of the play over the loudspeaker system.
  11. The teams should appear 5 minutes before the game at the sideline nearby the halfway line of the pitch they are supposed to play on.
  12. If the tournament cannot take place outdoors due to heavy weather, the games might be played indoors.
  13. Games on “Field 1" will take place on a natural grass field and games on “Field 2" will take place either on a natural grass field or on an artificial turf field depending on the weather conditions. Please bring the necessary shoes for an artificial turf field. It is forbidden to play with cleats.
  14. For any other matters, the rules of the DFB are applicable.